Rawr. It's Meh?

Hai Guise.
I'm Nisha. I'm 15 Year Old.
Single. Recently..
Snapchat: rawrimnisha.
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Yeah..I literally have no life o.O


i’ve done so good at forgetting,

every now and then,

i remember my fingers,

tracing across your bare skin, 

my eyes shutter,

my stomach drops,

and i force myself to forget,


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This part of love (via abnormalinsecurities)

They don’t tell you about this part of love
How when they leave you can hear your heart break like shattered glass

And that each breathe after they walk away suddenly feels like your lungs can no longer support you and are filling up with your tears you choke back

And that your mind plays tricks on you
It tells you it’s because you weren’t thin enough, you didn’t laugh enough, you didn’t tell them you loved them enough

And how your tears betray you. You can no longer stop them from falling when you smell their scent or see them smiling because of someone not you

And that right before you’re fully awake your body processes them as still there, so when you roll over to see an empty bed you break again

No one told me about this part of love
If they had I would have refused to be in it

Kelly Clarkson (via hanleeh)

Broken up, deep inside
But you won’t get to see the tears I cry

That moment when you feel that you can no longer go to the person you care about most with problems

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Unknown . (via marlizbabee)

Just a couple cuts won’t hurt, Right ?

I once remember you told me I never had to share you with anyone, but now I’m being forced to.


That hurts more than anything and it’s the reason why I want to walk away so bad.

I think I’m emotionally drained today


It’s time to sleep and then wake up drastically upset, but put a smile on my face anytime I leave my room. Someone come hold me and let my cry on your shoulders till I fall asleep. Any volunteers?


They say to rid your life of toxic people…. But what if someone who is good for you believes you are toxic to them?

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