Rawr. It's Meh?

Hai Guise.
I'm Nisha. I'm 15 Year Old.
Single. Recently..
Snapchat: rawrimnisha.
Kik: rawrimnisha.
Facebook: Nisha Rossiter.
Yeah..I literally have no life o.O

4:56 a.m. C.S.K (a—morphine—toast)
-since you’ve gone nothings the same i cant eat, i cant sleep, what did i do wrong?? (via a—morphine—toast)

(via all--0ur--bruised--b0dies)

i started
the day
you left
and i
dont think
i`ve ever

Rebecca Donovan, Barely Breathing (via a-thousand-words)

(via all--0ur--bruised--b0dies)

Perfection still left scars.
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